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Siljan Siljan  KommuneSiljan's location in Telemark

Pop. 2,404; Area 203 sq. km. (78 sq. mi.)

Siljan lies just east of Skien and many of its residents commute to work in Skien. Forestry, fishing, and recreation are important industries. Its coat of arms is made up of three saw blades on a green background, recognizing the importance of the timber industry to the kommune.

The parish of Slemdal was established in 1838. In 1918, the name was changed to Siljan.  The name, which was taken from the farm where the first church was built,  is probably derived from the willow tree. Siljan is part of the traditional area called Grenland and sits astride the Skien River.  The ancient road that connected Skien, Larvik, and Oslo runs through the municipality.


Sights to See

Siljan Church




Siljan Church, or "Sela Kirkja a Sleimdahr" is a Romanesque stone structure built in 1150 and has many beautiful wall paintings.


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Bygdebøker for Siljan

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  • Bakken, Asbj¢rn Siljan: gardene, slektene trekk fra bygdelivet. Larvik: Ant. Anderssens Trykkeri, 1969-1975.


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Official Siljan kommune Website

Siljan Historielag


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