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Sauherad's Coat of ArmsSauherad Kommune

Pop. 4,274; Area 292 sq. km. (113 sq. mi.)

The emblem of Sauherad kommune is an apple tree, depicted in yellow, against a blue background.  The administrative center for the township of Sauherad is Akkerhaugen. Other towns are Gvarv, Nordagutu, Årnes, and Hjuksevelta. Fruit-growing andSauherad's Location in Telemark farming are the main occupations. The Sauar River winds its way through the township between Lake Heddal and Norsjø. Margit Hjukse, heroine of the folk ballad of the same name, was bewitched in the mountains near Hørte.

Akkerhaugen is a station on the Southern Line railway. The Telemark Skogplanteskule is a nursery specializing in pine and fir trees.

Gvarv, from the Old Norse "hverfa", meaning turn or bend, was probably named after the large bend in the river near the village. Sagavoll Folk High School is in Gvarv.


Sights to See

Sauherad Church Evju District Museum and Culture Center has a varied collection of newer folk art. The museum buildings are typical examples of local rural buildings from about the turn of the century. Regular summer exhibitions of the work of local artists and artisans are held here.

Nes Church lies between Gvarv and Akkerhaugen on a point of land that juts out into the Norsjø. It is a stone church built about 1150 and is considered one of the loveliest of the small churches in Telemark. The portals, corner stones and window frames have been masterfully carved out of marble-like limestone. The chancel is decorated with frescoes depicting the early mission church. The Norwegian State Antiquarian described it as "undoubtedly the most beautiful intimate interior space preserved in Norway, certainly among the best in Norwegian interior art."

Sauherad Church is a stone long church built in Romanesque style at the beginning of 1100. The Church is known for a fresco in the chancel which was uncovered during restoration in 1953. The fresco, known as "The Thousand Demons", depicts a myriad of fantastic devil faces.

Klevar gård (farm) was once one of the largest farms in Sauherad. The cottage dates to 1798 and the loft is older. This farm is the scene of the old legend of the Klevar-treasure, a hoard of silver supposedly taken from the elves.


Telelaget Genealogy

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Bygdebøker for Sauherad

What's a Bygdebøk?

  • Bygdebok for Sauherad. Sauherad: Sauherad Kommune, 1980-1985.

  • Bd. I-III Gards og ættesoge.

  • Braaten, Torstein. Den Gamle Stulen. Sauherad kulturstyre, 1978.

  • Holta, H. H. Bidrag til gårds- og slektshistorie for Sauherad og Nesherad f¢r 1700. Skien: 1938.


Norwegian Language

Official Sauherad kommune Website


English Language

Hallvard Gråtopp from Lindhem Skipreide and the events of the 1430's


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