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Emblem of Nissedal Nissedal  Kommune

Pop. 1,393; Area 789 sq. km. (305 sq. mi.)

The kommune of Nissedal is dominated by Lake Nisser, 37 km. long, the largest lake in Telemark and the seventh largest in Norway. Both the valley and the townshipLocation of Nissedal in Telemark have taken their names from the lake. The origin of the name has nothing to do with elves or "nisser", but is a combination of "nid" and "ser" which means "the lower water." The kommune's emblem consists of three red nisseluer, traditional red woolen hats often associated with the nisse, which were commonly worn until the late 19th century by farmers and common folk.

The flat eastern shore is most heavily populated. A ferry boat crosses the lake between Sundsodden and Fjonegrend on the western shore. The long sandy beaches on this shore are perfect for bathing and sunning. Highway 39 follows the eastern shore of the lake, offering many excellent views of the countryside. Fishing is excellent in Lake Nisser. The village of Treungen in the southern part of the township is the administrative, business and service center for the area.


Sights to See

 Nissedal Church built in 1764.

Prehistoric Rock Carvings near Trontvedt and Kvithamar date back to the second period of the Bronze Age, about 1000 B.C.

Burial mounds from the Bronze Age can be found on the islands in Lake Nisser.

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Bygdebøker for Nissedal

What's a Bygdebøk?

  • Asen, Kjell, K. Dukane og T. Solheim. Nissedal Bygdesoge. Skien: Nissedal Bygdesognemnd/Oluf Rasmussens Boktrykkeri.

  • Bd. I.þGard og ætt Nissedal sokn. 1976.

  • Bd. II. Gard og ætt Treungen soknþ. 1978.

  • Bd. III. Kultursoga, frå dei eldste tider til år 1900. 1986.

  • Birkeland, Bernt Mikael. Kyrkjene i Nissedal og Treugen minneskrift, 1964. Nissedal kyrkje 200 år, Treungen kyrkje 100 år. Nissedal: Soknerada i Nissedal og Treungen, 1964. 49p.


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Official Nissedal kommune Website


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