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Drangedal's EmblemDrangedal Kommune

Pop. 4,138; Area 998 sq. km. (385 sq. mi.)

Drangedal is part of the traditional region called Grenland.  Its coat of arms has two pine cones set on a green backgrouLocation of Drangedal in Telemarknd, reflecting the kommune's lush forests and woodlands.

The administrative center of the township is Prestestranda on the western shore of Lake Tokke. The area is mostly forests and moors with a number of lakes, the largest being Tokke and Bjorvatn. There are boat houses on the shores of Lake Tokke which have been restored recently.


Sights to See:

Lake scene in Drangedal

Drangedal District Museum lies on highway 38 on the outskirts of Prestestrada has a pleasant location in a wooded area around a small lake. There are 15 different buildings here presenting a cross-section of buildings common to the district.

The Gråtopp Fort in Holtegrenda is close to highway 38. This hill fort was used by Halvard Gråtopp, a peasant rebel who raised an army against the nobility and marched on Oslo in 1438. A monument to Halvard Gråtopp has been erected near Vråstad in Tørdal.

Skultervannsåsen Virgin Forest is a protected area. It is famous for its large wild yew trees.

Gautefall is the main tourist center with a large resort hotel and numerous cabins.

The closed mines in Tørdal are popular hunting grounds for amateur geologists.



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Bygdebøker for Drangedal

What's a Bygdebøk?

  • Det var ein gong - Minner frå Drangedal. Utg. Drangedal historielag. 1/1976-

  • Sannes, Olav. Drangedal med T¢rdal: ei bygdesoga. Skien: Drangedal i I Kommission hos h. Holms bokhandel, 1924/Oluf Rasmussens Boktrykkeri, 1974.



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Official Drangedal kommune Website


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