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Telemark to America - Volume I - Emigration

Volume II -Settlements

  $20.00 $3.00  
Volume III - Settlements,
Biographies, and Telemark Lore
  $20.00 $3.00  
BUY ALL THREE and SAVE!   $50.00 $8.00  
Telelaget: The First One Hundred Years   $20.00 $3.00  
Telesoga DVD      Complete Set 1909-2005   $25.00 $3.00  
Telesoga Back Issues Enter Mo/Yr of each issue:
  $3.00 $1.00  
A Year at Haugo Farm   $20.00 $3.00  
100th Anniversary Commemoratives        
100th Anniversary Mug  
Telelaget Membership*       $15.00  
      Make your check or money order payable to Telelaget of America                TOTAL DUE 


Membership in Telelaget is required to receive Telelaget materials.  Members of our sister organization in Norway, Telemark Historielag, are considered members of Telelaget. If you are ordering materials and paying for a membership, please include our membership application with your order.



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