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A Year at Haugo FarmClick for the Tour Book Order FormPrice reduced from $40 to $20

 By Ingeborg Draugedal


Book coverTelelaget of America entered into a distribution agreement with Vest-Telemark Museum, the publisher of the English version of the book entitled, “A Year at Haugo farm." Under the terms of the agreement, Telelaget will sell and mail copies of the book in the United States and Canada.


Author Ingebjørg Draugedal - who now lives in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway - tells of her life as a girl in 1945, growing up under Nazi occupation on a farm in Telemark that was still as self-sufficient as those our emigrant ancestors left in the 1800’s. How did people back then provide for nearly everything they needed themselves?


In the book Ingebjørg recounts how they shared the work, the hardships and the pleasures of living on a close-knit family farm. The book describes in detail the practical work that was done on the farm, but it also tells about the relationships between the family members and within the local community, and about the intimate interaction with the surrounding landscape. Ingebjørg’s vivid reminiscences breathe life into what is now a bygone era for most of us.

Cost:  $20 plus S/H



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