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Ole O. Haugse Biography

This biography appears on pages 851-852 in "History of Dakota Territory” by George W. Kingsbury, Vol. IV (1915) and was scanned, OCRed and edited by Maurice Krueger, mkrueger@iw.net. This file may be freely copied by individuals and non-profit organizations for their private use. Any other use, including publication, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission by electronic, mechanical, or other means requires the written approval of the file's author. This file is part of the SDGENWEB Archives.


HON. OLE O. HAUGSE. The Hon. Ole O. Haugse has rendered his state efficient service as a member of the legislature, taking office in 1909. He is known throughout Minnehaha County as a prosperous and progressive farmer, his land on section 11, Grand Meadow Township, being excellently improved and yielding bountiful crops. He was born on the 1st of October, 1854, in Norway, a son of Ole Haugse, who passed his entire life in the land of the midnight sun. The subject of this review was reared at home and educated in the common schools, but, being ambitious and hearing much of the opportunities offered by the new world, he came to the United States in 1872, when a young man of eighteen years, and located in Winneshiek county, Iowa. There he worked as a term hand for about five years and in the spring of 1878 came to South Dakota, walking the entire distance, three hundred miles or over. Mr. Haugse took up a homestead, and subsequently purchased another quarter section situated on section 14, just across the road from his home place. He has devoted the greater part of his time to agricultural pursuits and, as he has made an intelligent study of the soil and climate and the crops best adapted thereto, as well as the best methods of cultivating the land, he has found farming a very profitable occupation. He has identified himself thoroughly with the section in which he makes his home and is connected in an official capacity with several local business enterprises, being a stockholder and a member of the board of directors of the Lyons Grain & Elevator Company, and also a stockholder in the Farmers Bank of Lyons. On coming to South Dakota in 1878, Mr. Haugse was accompanied by his wife and a ten-months-old daughter. Their first home was an adobe hut with no floor and a roof made of hay, through which the heavy rains would sift, soaking the ground beneath. After living in that house for five years a two-room structure was erected and this contained a floor, it being the home of the family for ten years. Now there is one of the finest farm residences in the township upon Mr. Haugse's place and all of the other improvements are in keeping therewith. In 1915 he purchased a house on West Twelfth Street, Sioux Falls, and leaving the farm in charge of his children, he and his wife took up their abode in their new home, where they are now enjoying a well earned rest. In Winneshiek county, Iowa, in 1877, Mr. Haugse was united in marriage to Miss Julia Jensen, a native of Norway, who came to the United States three or four years previous to the arrival of her future husband. Her father was John Jensen, who on coming to South Dakota took up a homestead in Buffalo Township, where he and his wife spent the remainder of their lives. Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Haugse, as follows: Jennie, the wife of Ed Nelson, of Madison, South Dakota; Oscar, a farmer in western Manitoba; Nettie and Henry, on the home farm; Anna, the wife of Martin Nelson, of Sioux Falls; Josie, now Mrs. Andrew Walker, of Burk township, this county; Lewis, Albert and Joseph, at home; and Charlie, who has taken up a homestead in Montana. The family are members of the Lutheran synod and are much interested in all phases of church work. Mr. Haugse is a Republican in his political belief and is influential in the councils of the party in the state. He has always taken a prominent and influential part in public affairs, and has been found true to every trust reposed in him. He has held many local offices, having served as a member of the town board for several years and as justice of the peace for many years. He is especially interested in the progress of education and ever since coming to South Dakota has been a member of the school board, now serving as treasurer of the same. He represented his district in the state legislature, his term of office beginning in 1909, and while a member of that body supported many bills which have proved of great benefit to the people of the state. Not only was he a ready speaker on the floor but proved his value as a conscientious worker upon many important committees. He made his home in Grand Meadow township for over three decades and during that time consistently labored for the welfare of the community as well as for his own advancement, and his activities have won him not only prominence but also a high place in the estimation and regard of his fellow men.


Family Tree Information

Name: Ole O HAUGSE

Birth: 1 Oct 1854 Kinsarnk Hordland, Norway

Death: 8 May 1935 Sioux Falls, SD

Immigration: 1872

Marriage: 3 Dec 1876

Father: Ole Olsen HAUSASANDEN (1827-1906)

Mother: Ingegier Olsdt Ullorsang (1829-)

Notes from Thelma Tollinger, daughter of Oscar Haugse:   Ole was a short bald man, who originally was a red head. Oscar said he lost his hair drinking bad liquor. He made his own beer and wine. He made some for his golden wedding anniversary even though he was blind. He made Julia coffee first thing in the morning so it would be ready for her when she got up. He had 3 strokes before he died. Considering the man he was, this must have really bothered him to be bedridden. Ole talked about skating on a fjord, probably the one in front of the place he was born.

Ole would coax the squirrels into an open kitchen window with sugar cookies. Thelma Tollinger stated she never remembered eating a meal at their place. They had coffee, cookies etc but no meals. They came over for Christmas orThanksgiving and they had goose.

He had tall evergreen trees. He called one Kaiser Bill.



Birth: 3 Dec 1850 Telemarken, Norge (Norway)

Death: 16 Aug 1939 Sioux Falls, SD

Immigration: 1873

Marriage: 1876

Father: Herbjon (John or Herman) JENSEN (JOHNSEN)(JOHNSEN) RONNINGEN (1823-1881)

Mother: Aslug (Asloug and Olive) KITTELSDATTER(KJETILSON) TVEITO (1821-1901)

Notes: She possibly had 2 sisters Lavina (Ole) Hansen, one not known at this time and a brother ,Ole Herman.

Julie was short, always wore long dresses and an apron. Her hair was streaked gray and pulled tight off her face. She could whip up a yellow cake when company came.

Apparently, she could not make good custard, it was watery.She liked to read the Decorah Posten. Her children would read the Argus Leader to her. She kept clippings of newspaper obituaries in a wicker telephone stand. She stated she was related to some Austin’s. She had a lilac bush but didn't want anyone to pick the flowers off them.

Julia remembered the Indians. She stated they never bothered them. Although, they would come into their house, look around and then leave. She said her mother would hide them in the bedroom. She would walk up the creek and would dig up willows to put around her house. This might have been to keep anyone from sneaking up to their home without making noise.




1 F: Josephine "Josie" HAUGSE

Birth: 17 Dec 1888 Grand Meadow Twp. SD

Death: 28 May 1977 Sioux Falls, SD

Marriage: 17 May 1913

Spouse: Andrew (Anders) WALKER (VAGE)

Notes: Gramma Walker said that people could not be taken out of the house until they were cold so they wouldn't be buried alive. Then needed to lay 3 days in funeral home to make sure they died. Lucille, her infant, was pronounced dead 3 times and finally was pronounced dead, from pneumonia.

Gramma Walker said you should have goodness in your heart.


2 F: Jennie Marie HAUGSE (NELSON)

Birth: 10 Jan 1878


3 M: Oscar Haugse

Birth: 12 Aug 1879


4 M: Henry HAUGSE

Birth: 17 Feb 1881

Death: 1 Jul 1924

Notes: Was reported to be mentally retarded. He died at an early age about the age of 24. Julia grieved for a long time over his death.


5 F: Anitta Olga (Nettie) HAUGSE MALONEY

Birth: 21 Aug 1882

Notes: This lady was quite fragile. She charged her own parents for cream. She made her husband Frank give back a dime he gave to Margaret and Barbara.


6 M: Charley HAUGSE

Birth: 4 Jul 1884



Birth: 7 Jan 1886


8 F: Olans (Louis) HAUGSE

Birth: 17 Jun 1890

Death: 13 Oct 1918

Notes: On death certificate his name is Lewis O Haugse. Died of pneumonia in WW1


9 M: Alfred Albert HAUGSE

Birth: 12 Mar 1892

Notes: Was gassed in France in WW1, had lung damage and received a pension. Died of liver cancer.


10 M: Joseph Edgard HAUGSE

Birth: 1 Nov 1897

Death: 9 Aug 1920

Notes: Died of TB in WW1



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