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Bøen Family

Tosten Gregerson Bøen came to America from Tinn, Telemark with his mother Gunhild Torsteinsdatter Krosso (in the picture) and his father Greggard Herbjørnsen Hagen (not in picture).  Greggard was the first religion leader in Harmony, Minnesota according to written records from Tinn.

Tosten was married to Aagot Knudsdatter Moen and their first child, Herbjørn was 1 years old during the journey to America in 1860. Aagot was with child during the journey and in December a girl was born, Margit. She is on the far right in the picture and is the great-grandmother of Marty Mckelvey. Margit married Andrew Dahlen in 1885. The family link was the grandparents from Tinn, Telemark.

Greggard, Gunhild, Aagot, and Margit are all buried in the cemetery of Greenfield Lutheran Church at Harmony, Minnesota.


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