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Tours to Telemark

Til Telemark To Telemark
A kunne eg fara til Telemark
og leva ei sumar stund?
Der gror de røllik på stove-tak
og songar på folkemunn.
Til Telemark, dit stend mi trå
til Gausta-fjell
og til Vinje-gjeld,
og Rjukan sval
og til Morgedal,
- Til sumars so får mi sjå!
Oh, could I but journey to Telemark
and live there a summer's while!
Where yarrow grows on sodded roofs
and songs spring forth from a smile.
To Telemark - I yearn to be
to Gausta's spire
and to Vinje shire,
to Rjukan's falls
and to Morgedal!
-This summer, I'll have to see
Written by Per Sivle (1857-1904), a native of Aurland (Sogn og Fjordane). 
Translated by Jim Skree
From "Telelaget: The First One Hundred Years"  page 167

Our members' interest in visiting their ancestors' homeland and visiting the communities and farms from which they came has given rise to a commitment by Telelaget to sponsor tours to Telemark every 4-5 years.  Previous tours sponsored by Telelaget took place in 1937, 1972, 1992, and 1997. Unlike more generic itineraries that focus on tourist destinations, Telelag combines those must-see landmarks with an opportunity to visit the places and, when possible, meet descendants, of member participants' Norwegian immigrant ancestors.  Members in the US work closely with our Norwegian counterparts to create a unique and meaningful experienceMake plans now to join us in 2016!

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