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Stevner History

 The early stevner (conventions) of the Telelag were truly affairs to remember with many thousands of Telers attending. Specific regional organizations were established under the umbrella of the national Telelaget. As the immigrants passed away, interest faded in the organization.  In the 1960's and 1970's, only the Northwest Telelaget continued to meet.  In 1979 a meeting was held in Fargo to reorganize a national Telelaget. The focus switched from largely social to educational - focusing particular attention on genealogical research - and its ever-growing membership has come together for a stevne every year since 1980.

Elaine Nordlie collected information about specific stevner from issues of the Telesoga and from the book by Dr. Odd Lovoll in which he chronicles the bygdelag movement: A Folk Epic: The Bygdelag in America. Many early Teler gatherings were not reported in the national publication so this list is likely incomplete; however, it does reflect the broad participation of immigrants from Telemark in these community organizations.  National stevner are highlighted.

Date Place Notes
January 16, 1907 Pirie Hall, Fargo ND First organizational meeting of Telelaget
June 25, 1907 Fargo ND First stevne
June 23, 1908 Climax MN  
June 23, 1909 Crookston MN  
June 24, 1910 Minot ND  
June 7, 1911 Blair WI Wisconsin Telelaget organized
June 9, 1911 Lake Mills IA Iowa Telelaget organized
June 22, 1911 Lake Madison SD Tinnsjølaget organized  (immigrants from the Tinn community in Telemark)
May 17, 1912 Stoughton WI Wisconsin Telelaget
June 16, 1912 Colfax WI Wisconsin Telelaget/Bandakslaget organized  (those from the Bandak community in Telemark)
June 24-25, 1912 Glenwood WI  
June 6-7, 1913 Cameron WI Wisconsin Telelaget
1913 Colfax WI Bandakslaget
August 12-13, 1913 Forest City IA Iowa Telelaget
January 6, 1914 Minneapolis MN Annual meeting of the Minneapolis Telelaget
May 16-17, 1914 Minneapolis MN  
June 17-18, 1915 Ellsworth WI Wisconsin Telelaget
June 24-25, 1915 Montevideo MN  
June 23-24, 1916 Thief River Falls MN  
July 24, 1917 Williston ND Northwest Telelaget organized
June 28-30, 1919 Minot ND Northwest Telelaget
August 5, 1919 Fairfield MT Rocky Mountain Telelaget organized
June 20-22, 1920 Devils Lake ND Northwest Telelaget
June 24-26, 1920 Moorhead MN  
June 23-25, 1921 Crookston MN  
June 22-24, 1922 Fergus Falls MN  
June 25-27, 1922 Williston ND Northwest Telelaget
1923 LaCrosse WI  
1924 Albert Lea MN  
1924 Crosby ND Northwest Telelaget
1928 Climax MN Red River Valley Telelaget organized
June 13-15, 1928 Milan MN  
1935 Alexandria MN  
June 24-25, 1936 Montevideo MN  
October 5-6, 1937 Minneapolis MN  
June 24-25, 1938 Lake Mills IA  
June 24-25, 1949 St. Olaf College, Northfield MN  
July 28-29, 1950 Luther College, Decorah IA  
September 27-28, 1951 Minneapolis MN  
June 25-26, 1954 Minot ND Northwest Telelaget
1968-1976 Oklee MN Northwest Telelaget
June 17-18, 1977 Fargo ND Northwest Telelaget
October 28, 1979 Fargo ND Meeting to reorganize the national Telelaget
June 26-29, 1980 Appleton WI First stevne after reorganization
June 26-27, 1981 St. Olaf College, Northfield MN 4-Lag Stevne included Landingslaget, Hadeland Lag, Toten Lag, & Telelaget
June 25-26, 1982 Luther College, Decorah IA 4-Lag Stevne
July 15-16, 1983 Southwest State University, Marshall MN 4-Lag Stevne
June 29-30, 1984 St. Olaf College, Northfield MN 5 Lag Stevne   Sigdalslag joined the 4-Lag stevne participants
June 28-29, 1985 Concordia College, Moorhead MN 6-Lag Stevne  Numedalslag joined the 5-Lag stevne participants
July 10-12, 1986 Luther College, Decorah IA 7-Lag Stevne  Ringerike-Drammen Districts joined the 6-Lag stevne participants
June 25-27, 1987 University of LaCrosse, LaCrosse WI 7-Lag Stevne
July 7-9, 1988 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 6-8, 1989 St. John's University, Collegeville MN 7-Lag Stevne
July 12-14, 1990 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 11-14, 1991 University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls WI 7-Lag Stevne
July 9-11, 1992 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 8-10, 1993 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 14-16, 1994 University of LaCrosse, LaCrosse WI 7-Lag Stevne
July 13-15, 1995 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 11-13, 1996 Waldorf College, Forest City IA 7-Lag Stevne
July 10-12, 1997 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 9-11, 1998 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 8-10, 1999 Luther College, Decorah IA All-Bygdelag Centennial Celebration
July 13-15, 2000 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND 7-Lag Stevne
July 12-15, 2001 SD School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City SD 7-Lag Stevne
July 11-13, 2002 St. Olaf College, Northfield MN    more...                    7-Lag Stevne
July 9-12, 2003 Winona State University, Winona MN     more... 7-Lag Stevne  coordinated by Telelaget
July 7-10, 2004 Willmar Conference Center, Willmar MN  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 13-16, 2005 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater WI  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 12-15, 2006 Holiday Inn City Centre, Sioux Falls SD  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 12-14, 2007 ND State School of Science, Wahpeton ND  more... 7-Lag Stevne  Telelaget's 100th Anniversary Banquet
July 16-19, 2008 Ramada Inn, Stevens Point WI   more... 7-Lag Stevne
June 25-28, 2009 University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls WI  more... 7-Lag Stevne   coordinated by Telelaget
July 14-17, 2010 Winona State University, Winona MN    more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 14-17, 2011 Best Western-Doublewood Inn, Fargo ND  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 18-21, 2012 Olympia Resport, Oconomowoc WI  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 11-13, 2013 Holiday Inn & Suites, St. Cloud MN   more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 17-19, 2014 North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton ND  more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 9-12, 2015 La Crosse Center, La Crosse WI   more... 7-Lag Stevne
July 10-13, 2016 Austin Conference Center, Austin MN    more... 7-Lag Stevne
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