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July 11-13, 2013

St. Cloud, Minnesota

For Gud og Vårt Land: Norwegian-Americans in the Civil War" was the theme for the 7-Lag Stevne held at the Holiday Inn & Suites in St. Cloud, Minnesota, from July 11-13, 2013. 73 Telelaget members attended. Thanks to our friends from Hadeland Lag for hosting a stevne to remember!  Participating in the stevne were lags representing  Land, Hadeland, Numedal, Sigdal, Ringerike-Drammen, and Toten.


Telelaget member presenters and their topics:
Gene Estensen The 15th Wisconsin (Scandinavian) Regiment
Torbjørn Greipsland Norwegian Soldiers in the Civil War
Norwegian Emigration, the Civil War, and Andersonville (in Norwegian)
John Kirn, Jr. The Homestead Act
Origin & Causes of the Civil War  (Friday a.m. general session)
Anne Sladky Norwegian-Americans in the Confederacy


More details and pictures from the Stevne can be found in the September 2013 issue of Telenews (opens in a new window) 
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