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Anne Sladky

 Anne Sladky  grew up in the Telemark settlement on the Buffalo River northeast of Moorhead, Minnesota, where her great-great-grandfather was one of its early pioneers. Her ancestors were all Norwegians. Her maternal ancestors came from Hadeland and her paternal ancestors were from the Buskerud,Oppland and Telemark Counties. She is descended from the well-known Mandt and Fjågesund families in Telemark.  

In the early 1970’s, Anne quit college, joined the Navy, and found herself in the computer field. Early in her career, she was able to learn several programming languages and become a specialist in operating system support and telecommunications. After leaving the Navy, Anne was hired by a subsidiary of Univac and went on to spend most of the next 30 years designing, supporting, and managing operating and application systems both on the East Coast and in the Twin Cities.

In 2000, she moved to a home outside Walker, Minnesota, and embarked on a second ‘career’ as a volunteer webmaster for a number of non-profit organizations, including Telelag and four other bygdelag.

Anne has two grown children: a daughter who is a financial analyst in St. Paul and a son who also served in the Navy, was a project supervisor for a wind energy company, and is now an operating room technician at HCMC, Minneapolis.

A Word of Thanks

Gene Estensen created the Telelaget website and put the lag on the Internet map. He is directly responsible for its breadth of content -- he left big shoes to fill and a high standard to maintain! 



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