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West Telemark Bunads

Originally, bunad simply meant clothing, but it has come to mean the many regional styles of the traditional costume of Norway.  This "dress up" costume was traditionally given to a boy or girl when they were confirmed. Almost all bunads are made up of a long wool skirt, vest, and white blouse. In some areas, an apron, purse and/or head gear are also part of the basic costume. Black shoes with silver buckles, sterling silver jewelry (solje), and appropriately colored stockings complete the outfits.

The cut of the bodice and style of embroidery are the two major elements that make each region's bunad unique. It is estimated that it can take up to 800 hours to complete the embroidery on some bunad styles!  The photo on the left shows two Telelag beauties wearing West Telemark bunads. There are many stylistic differences associated with bunads representing specific areas of Telemark -  each has a distinctive bunad styles.


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