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The "Coming Back Home" Project

In 2007 Telelaget of America celebrated its 100th year. Many proud descendants of emigrants from Telemark returned to the "homeland" in August of 2007. In preparation for the trip, participants were encouraged to fill out an emigrant form to assist in finding their ancestral farms and long lost cousins in Norway so that these places and people could be included in the tour. 

Leading the way in Telemark were Hermod Monsen and his volunteers. Hermod was the project manager and there was such geat interest in the project it was decided to continue to collect and catalogue information about Telemark's emigrants to America. We're finding that, along with creating a database of information about the emigrants from Telemark, members have been able to connect and share information about the emigrant ancestor and descendants with long lost American cousins - filling in whole new branches and twigs of their American family trees!

The "Coming Back Home" Database

We encourage you to participate in the project by filling out and submitting forms about your Telemark ancestors. You don't have to be a member to submit information about your ancestors!

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Links to Norwegian Counterpart Websites
Telemark Heritage
website dedicated to the
"Coming Back Home" project 
  Telemark Historielag
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in Norwegian
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