"Coming Back Home"
Telemark Emigrant Ancestor Questionnaire

Purpose: Telelaget and the local history clubs in Telemark, Norway encourages your assistance in
making a database of all emigrants who have left Telemark. The information collected will be shared
between Telemark and Telelaget. Hopefully this will create contacts between private persons and
organizations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. You may read more about this project elsewhere

on this website.


Instructions: Please fill out as much information as you know about each of your emigrant ancestors
coming from Telemark. If you do not have information for parts of the form please put a ? in the blank.

Please make several copies of this form. There should be a separate form for each head of family

that emigrated. This form may also be filled out on our website. Forms should be sent to our genealogist.*

Name: _________, ______________, _________________, _______, ________
First name, Surname (ex. Halvorsen), Farm Name (ex. Nes), Birth & Death Dates

Name used in America: _______________________, ______________________
First name, Last name

Spouse: ________, ___________, _____________________ , ________, __________
First name , Surname , Farm Name (at time of marriage), Birth and Death Dates

Children: __________________, ________________________, _______________________, ________________________, ________________________, _________________________.

(If more children, please write these on the top of the back side of this sheet.)

Municipality (kommune) where they lived :________________________________
(ex. Bamble, Seljord, Tinn, or Kviteseid)

Church Parish to which they belonged: ___________________________________

Emigrant Ship: ____________________ Departure Date: ______________Port: _________________

Destinations in the U.S. A. (early destinations and final destinations) ___________________________


Occupations/Professions they had in Norway & in the U.S.A. _________________________________


Your name:_______________________________Relationship to the emigrant.__________________

Your e-mail address: _____________________________

Other notable information:____________________________________________________________

I approve of having my ancestors name(s) placed on the Telelaget website: Yes No

*Please send forms to Darrel Johnson, 25216 N. Pine Drive, Sebeka, MN. 56477 or web forms to his
e-mail dejohnso@wcta.net